Arnold Classic South America. The biggest multisport event in the world.
Arnold Classic South America
Arnold Workout Experience

Schwarzenegger is an enthusiast of physical activity as a means of health promotion. That&39;s why Arnold Classic South America will debut the Workout Experience in São Paulo.

The event will be dedicated to the general public who attend the Arnold Classic, confirming the concern of Arnold Schwarzenegger with sports for all people, regardless of age and social status.

The participating public will have at your fingertips what is most modern in terms of sports and fitness practice. For this, the event will have one of the most renowned professionals of today: Chico Salgado.

Chico Salgado is known for being the personal trainer of celebrities such as Grazi Massafera, Giovana Ewbank, Bruno Gagliasso, Sabrina Sato, Carol Buffara, Anitta, Angelica, Bruna Marquezine and even the international star Vin Diesel. More than that, this carioca is a visionary of physical activity and eternal passionate about sport.

The event will have an arena that will accommodate 200 people. Entries to participate in the Arnold Workout Experience will be made through our website (this information will be available soon).

In addition to the opportunities to enjoy 3 hours of class, participants will receive the kit with shirt, bag, bottle and food supplements.

The event will also provide participants with a team of nutritionists, sports physicians and physical education professionals to answer questions and provide guidance.

Want more? Arnold Schwarzenegger will be there!

From 21 to 23 April 2017
Transamerica Expo Center
São Paulo / SP / Brasil