Arnold Classic South America. The biggest multisport event in the world.
Arnold Classic South America

The Arnold Classic South America is a multisport event, geared both to the public business as to the general public, which covers the largest fair of sports nutrition, struggles, performance and fitness center of the country, besides presenting various Olympic competitions and not medals and a congress lectures in the areas of health, nutrition and physical activity with big names in the national and international scene.

The event has been a great success: 3,500 athletes competed in 2013 , in 2014 this number rose to more than 5,000 athletes, and in 2015 to 8,000 generating more than 100 million in business.

Arnold Sports Festival

Created in 1989, the partnership between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer, as an event of bodybuilding training, has become over these 27 years, an absolute success in the US, and since 2011 has been expanding borders. Held with great success the first edition outside the USA , in Spain, and has elected the United States in 2013 to host the edition of Latin America, further extending the business opportunity. This year, held for the first time the Arnold Classic Australia and in 2016, South Korea and China, are places of this great event at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

A distinctive event and engaging, that account today with the participation of more than 18,000 athletes, coaches, practitioners of physical activities and investors, distributed in 45 competitions and sporting events, being 12 rules medals, in addition to more than 175,000 visitors all over the world.

Between the competitions of great prominence in the Arnold Sports, organised by the IFBB International, headed by Rafael Santonja, stands the ARNOLD CLASSIC PRO MEN AND ARNOLD FITNESS CENTER , which relies on the presence of the best athletes in the world.

20 to 22 April 2018
Transamerica Expo Center
São Paulo / SP / Brasil